Oct. 11, 2017 Meeting

Please join us on Oct. 11, 2017 when Carol Maksimow will present "Hearing Loss - The Silent Epidemic".

Carol Maksimow, B.S., ACA, BC-HIS is the Founder/President of the Hearing Technology Center and Hearing Aid Specialists of CT servicing our local community for over 20 years.

Hearing loss is on the rise among the US population. It is estimated that 2/3 of Americans over age 70 are affected as per the latest Johns Hopkins study results. In most cases, this silent condition gradually affects hearing; many affected individuals remain unaware of these physical changes and do not seek care early enough.

When untreated, longstanding hearing loss can result in permanent, decreased communication capabilities impacting self esteem and the ability to interact with others. As a result, many withdraw from what were once enjoyable events and social situations. This negative physical and psychological impact is backed by recent studies revealing the link between untreated hearing loss, depression and dementia. These recent findings have brought this issue to the forefront of medical care.

Come learn what hearing loss is and how this condition is a silent destroyer of both individuals and relationships. We will discuss the “hearing loss and dementia link” as well as how to recognize the early signs of treatable hearing loss and the latest treatment options available. We will also share helpful tips to increase your effectiveness in working and communicating with an aging population.

Attendees will learn:

  • what hearing loss is and how this condition is a silent destroyer of individuals and of relationships
  • hearing loss and the increased risk of Dementia. Is there a link?
  • how to recognize the early signs of hearing loss; treatment options for you and your loved ones
  • tips to increase your communication effectiveness in working with an aging population.

Ms. Maksimow is an Audioprosthologist, National Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences, a Ct state-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, and a graduate of Fairfield University in Connecticut. Ms. Maksimow is an industry consultant and a recognized industry expert in advanced hearing instrument electronics, having assisted Duracell in the design and development of their “EasyTab” batteries. You can find more information about Carol at her website www.hearct.com.

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