Nov. 8, 2017 Meeting

Please join us on Wed., Nov. 8, 2017 when Debbie Fay will present "The Five Biggest Mistakes Presenters Make (and how to avoid them)"

Whether you are presenting to one person or one hundred people, be it a sales presentation, a keynote or even a 60 second elevator pitch,  it is an opportunity not to be missed. Unfortunately, all too often presenters make easily avoidable mistakes that diminish their message, confuse or offend their audience, and worst of all, do not get them the result they seek.

Join us as Debbie Fay, public speaking coach, presentation development specialist and author of “Nail it. Create and deliver presentations that connect, compel, and convince”. illustrates for us the five most common  - and egregious – mistakes presenters make and shares with us the tools to avoid making them ourselves.

Attendees will learn:

  • What’s important – and what’s not – to focus on when building and delivering your presentation
  • How to unintentionally alienate your audience – and how to easily avoid doing it
  • What makes a true visual aid – for your audience
  • What you can’t do if you want to be connecting with your audience
  • The ONE BIG THING that will make you and exponentially less nervous more impactful speaker

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