March 14, 2018 Meeting

Please join us on Wed., March 14, 2018 when Dr. Jeremy G. Richman, Ph.D. will present "The Science of Violence and Compassion: To Be Human(e). Brain Science is the least explored of all our sciences. As a result, there is a lot of fear, trepidation, and stigma associated with the invisible work of brain illnesses (referred to as "mental illnesses"). People are afraid to advocate for themselves and their loved ones to get appropriate help in times of need.

But the brain is just another organ, and as such can be healthy or unhealthy. In this presentation we will discuss what is known and what is not known when it comes to the genetic and environmental risk factors for engaging in violence and the protective factors that build connection, compassion and resilience.

We will explore how to better understand the neuro-biological and environmental factors associated with violence and compassion.

Finally, we will discuss how we can apply insights to educate the everyday citizen about how to identify the signs and symptoms of someone troubled or in crisis, how to responsibly advocate for those at risk of violence to themselves or others, and most importantly, how to foster kind, healthy, and compassionate individuals and communities.

Dr. Richman has extensive research experience that spans the range from neuroscience to cardiovascular biology, diabetes, obesity and kidney disease. He as worked in the academic and drug discovery research arenas for over two decades and is passionate about helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Dr. Richman is decicated to reaching out and educating youth and believes our future relies on their imaginations. This is manifest through his teaching martial arts, biology, neuroscience and rock climbing to children and teens for the past 25 years. Most importantly, he believes it is critical to empower youth to advocate for themselves and their peers when it comes to brain health and brain illnesses. Toward this end, Dr. Richman and his wife, Jennifer Hensel, started the Avielle Foundation, committed to preventing violence and building compassion through brain health research, community engagement, and education.

Dr. Richman serves as the CEO of the Avielle Foundation as well as holding a Faculty Lecturer appointment at Yale's Department of Psychiatry in the College of Medicine.

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