January 10, 2018 Meeting

Please join us on Wed. January 10, 2018 when Fred Ventresca will present "A Reality guide to Sales “You don’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be painful”

Local sales and strategy coach, Fred Ventresca, shares best practices in sales from his time at leading Fortune 500 companies. Offering a unique “hands-on” workshop for small businesses owners, where they can work on their sales strategy and growth plans.

You get enough advice, this is a “hands-on” workshop, in which you work on your sales plan

Improve your approach, not your style. Learn about the pragmatic, real-world, real-people issues that drive sales success or failure and why it’s not what you think!

- Gain a fresh perspective on the sales experiences you create in your business and a strategy to tell your story like a sales pro.

- Begin to identify the risks and obstacles you create and develop a plan to address them

- Boost your sales efficiency, through an improved approach

When we are done, you will have identified the transformational truths that will change your perspective, ignite your sales efforts and kick-start your growth plan:

- Know how to tell your story authentically and feel good about telling it

- Understand your customers and business better

- Create a concrete plan with realistic 45 day actions


Please join us for the informative presentation and begin the New Year with a new sales strategy.

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More on Fred:

Fred has a passion for helping people, families and the local community succeed. When a local business succeeds, families thrive, jobs are created and the community prospers. He provides sales and strategy coaching to assist business owners both in their times of frustration- not having enough time to enjoy their families, losing sleep about large customers, concerned about business performance or stagnant sales; and in their times of prosperity- capitalizing on a growth or a major expansion opportunity, seeking to elevate their sales performance and growth rates, succeeding with new business lines or products.

In the past 25 years, Fred has successfully developed, implemented and led growth and turnaround efforts tackling a variety of industries and situations. He’s had the good fortune to be an experienced sales team leader within GE’s largest and most successful sales force, a truly world-class organization lauded by the Harvard Business Review and Sales & Marketing magazine. He has continually expanded his strategy, sales process, performance management, and coaching\mentoring skills by overseeing business unit growth for market leaders such as Con Edison, Schneider Electric and Osram Sylvania.