Jan. 8, 2020 – Eliminate Clutter and Restore Calm

Please join us on Wed. Jan 8, 2020 when Sue Duval will present “Eliminate Clutter and Restore Calm”.

After the hectic holiday season comes a fresh opportunity to regroup and regain control. A perennial favorite New Year’s resolution is to “Get Organized,” and for good reason. Clutter and disorganization cause us to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and costs us time and money. When we take a few moments to restore order, streamline our systems, or simplify our spaces, we feel calmer and more productive. In her upcoming presentation at the January Working Women’s Forum meeting Sue Duval, Newtown-based Professional Organizer and owner of The Organized Hive, will share practical tools and tips to eliminate the clutter from our lives and make room for what matters most.

Key takeaways – visitors will learn… 

…a simple system to organize ANY space

…pro tips to purge items (even expensive items, just in case items, and items from someone special)

…how to maintain your organized spaces

…to stop clutter before it even starts

Please join us for this informative meeting.

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