Feb. 14, 2018 Meeting

Please join us on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018 when Connie Goebel will present "Give your heart to the most important person in your life - YOU!".

It’s February and the messages are everywhere – send love (aka cards, flowers, candy, etc.) to those you love. And when making that list of recipients, how many times do you think of yourself? First? At all?

This year do something for YOU, the most important person in your life. During this fun interactive session, you’ll discover some easy ways to experience peace and calm, so you can build clarity and resilience.

Learn how to:

  • Take care of yourself first and foremost
  • Find your compass, even when everything around you is blowing up
  • Stop trying to push the river uphill

You will leave feeling refreshed and with a few quick, simple things to do anywhere, anytime. (Even when no one knows you are doing them!)

Connie spent 30+ years in corporate life, juggling work and family pressures and taking care of almost everything but herself. Fortunately, she discovered ways to shift to a healthier place before it was too late; and continues to use the challenges she faces every day to learn more.

In 2015 she founded Be HeartWired to share her unique approach to self-care and living a life that is true to the heart. Through one-on-one coaching, small classes, writing, presentations and workshops, Connie helps others develop their own Be HeartWired Practice so they can be more peaceful and productive in all areas of their lives.  Find more information about Connie at www.BeHeartWired.com

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