Marion Lynott

Feb. 10, 2021 – Wellness and the Workplace – Tips and Guidelines to Incorporate Wellness While you Work

Please join us on Wed. Feb, 10, 2021 when Marion Lynott will present “Wellness and the Workplace – Tips and Guidelines to Incorporate Wellness While you Work”  

At a time when so many people are working from home, Marion will talk to us about:

  • 3 Key benefits to focusing on your health while you work
  • How to create a healthy workstation at home
  • The importance of taking a break

Founder, Marion Lynott, is a Certified Health Coach and Ergonomic Evaluator and having more than 20 years’ experience in corporate America says “I love the work I do.  Helping people get and stay healthy, while at the same time increasing productivity, concentration and overall wellbeing is a win-win for everyone!”  Marion gained her knowledge and experience with ergonomics by successfully managing the Ergonomic Program for one of the largest hedge fund companies in the world.  She started her own company, “Max Your Wellness”, in 2016 with the goal of  promoting the benefits of a healthy work environment and lifestyle, as well as providing guidelines and solutions to people who work in an office or home office environment.  Marion has evaluated and provided healthy working resolutions to hundreds of people in many different types of workspaces and looks forward to continuing this mission.

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