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Julie Clark - Natural Health and Wellness

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JULIE IS THE PRESIDENT AND CEO OF NATURAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS I am a Wellness, Environmental & Lifestyle consultant for an International Total Wellness company that leads the field of wellness. We are established on a balance of the 5 Pillars of Health. That is a Healthy Mind, body, Family, Society and Finances. I offer unlimited opportunity with wellness solutions and/or business solutions. The most important investment is the investment for good health because good health is priceless and prevention is the key.

Ethel-Anne Roome - Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

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ETHEL-ANNE IS A CERTIFIED GRIEF RECOVERY SPECIALIST Loss is everywhere and pain and grief usually follow. We often think of loss as it surrounds death and divorce, as of course it does. There are other losses, however, that we can suffer: loss of custody, loss of career, loss of a relationship due to illness or injury, and many others. Pain is involved in all of these. Using the Grief Recovery Method, I can help you move from pain and grief to resolution and relief. When you realize it is time to move beyond the pain and then decide to call, you can count on me to be with you every step of the way. No bells and whistles, no Skype, no webinars, just me with a solid proven program to lead you from pain and grief to relief, resolution and recovery! Please contact me if you need help to move forward. Thank you, Ethel-Anne.

Ileana Kotulich - Mary Kay Sales Director

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ILEANA IS AN INDEPENDENT SALES DIRECTOR WITH MARYKAY Ileana Kotulich began her Mary Kay business in November 1996. What started as a self serve business quickly turned into a Career. She was pursuing her career as a Child Psychologist when she began with Mary Kay. What she found quickly was the potential to grow this business into a very profitable career. She left her psychology career when she became an Independent Sales Director. Having earned 7 career cars in Mary Kay, she attributes her success to the company's philosophy of God first, Family second and Career third.

Dr. Nmeeta Singh, Chiropractor, Newtown Chiropractic Health Center

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Dr. Nmeeta Singh is a board certified Chiropractic health care provider who enjoys helping people with their acute or chronic pain. She strongly believes that chiropractic is a tool to help patients achieve their highest quality of life through movement, rehabilitation and nutrition. Dr. Singh specializes in providing routine chiropractic care to promote overall wellness with a focus on women who are experiencing specific physical needs that spinal re-alignment can improve or may completely resolve. Nmeeta is passionate about empowering patients to take a role in their own health. Dr. Singh offers safe and effective health care to those who would like to achieve balance of the body and mind at the Newtown Chiropractic Health Center.

Dr. Joan Tekula, Independent Sales Rep

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Dr. Joan Tekula has been a podiatrist for 31 years and an entrepreneur for 10. She is currently working with a publicly-traded company that offers a medical technology that reduces oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. As such, it is anti-aging at the cellular level. The plant-based product is backed by science and has the pharmaceutical world struggling to recreate its effectiveness with their chemicals. Having been a technology specialist for years, her goal has always been to bring a life-changing bio-technology to the market and help people improve their health.