Ileana Kotulich - Mary Kay Sales Director

Ileana Kotulich began her Mary Kay business in November 1996. What started as a self serve business quickly turned into a Career. She was pursuing her career as a Child Psychologist when she began with Mary Kay. What she found quickly was the potential to grow this business into a very profitable career. She left her psychology career when she became an Independent Sales Director. Having earned 7 career cars in Mary Kay, she attributes her success to the company's philosophy of God first, Family second and Career third.

Her mission is to help women look better, feel better and become better.

She offers a variety of Anti-Aging skincare, color cosmetics, body care products and fragrances for men and women. She offers free one-on-one consultation and group parties with friends. Her love for this business is evident with her desire to develop relationships with her customers and life time quality customer service. She is looking for women who want to enhance their beauty with her Mary Kay products.

She also loves to educate women about this fabulous business opportunity in order for them to improve their financial situation. Her motto is "How old you are is your business, how young you look is her business".