Ethel-Anne Roome - Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Loss is everywhere and pain and grief usually follow. We often think of loss as it surrounds death and divorce, as of course it does.
There are other losses, however, that we can suffer: loss of custody, loss of career, loss of a relationship due to illness or injury, and many others. Pain is involved in all of these.
Using the Grief Recovery Method, I can help you move from pain and grief to resolution and relief.
When you realize it is time to move beyond the pain and then decide to call, you can count on me to be with you every step of the way. No bells and whistles, no Skype, no webinars, just me with a solid proven program to lead you from pain and grief to relief, resolution and recovery! Please contact me if you need help to move forward.
Thank you, Ethel-Anne.