Kate Mayer

May 8, 2019 Meeting

Please join us on Wed., May 8, 2019 when Kate Mayer will be our mistress of ceremonies for her interactive presentation of “To seriously being taken seriously. Seriously. (When women are dismissed, avoided, or erased from the deal)”. The Working Women’s Forum welcomes back Kate Mayer to our final gathering of the season, Wednesday May …

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Rebekah Harriman-Stites

April 10, 2019 Meeting

Please join us on Wed. April 10, when Rebekah Harriman-Stites will present “Building Female Alliances”. “Be the kind of woman who straightens another woman’s crown without letting the world know it was crooked.” Through the sharing of both humorous and heartfelt antidotes, Rebekah will discuss how the she found her true power through aligning with …

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